Redmond + Redmond specialises in the following areas of law. This is just a broad outline, and by no means a comprehensive list of the services we can provide. Please contact us for a complete consultation on how we can help you.


We can provide you with a variety of commercial services including private and public sector advice on trust and business structuring or joint ventures, drafting and advising on contracts, franchising arrangements, and assisting with the sale or purchase of a business.


Our firm deals with a variety of property law matters on a day-to-day basis. Areas which we can assist you with include retail, commercial and industrial leasing; the acquisition of development sites; retirement village advice for  scheme operators as well as current and prospective residents; providing legal advice regarding development approvals; review of construction contracts; and the creation of community title schemes.



We have represented a number of litigants in a variety of court actions and appeals including property, commercial, administrative law, class actions, winding up proceedings, bankruptcy and property settlement matters.
We have appeared at both interlocutory and final hearings before the Magistrates, District, Supreme, Federal and Appeals courts, and are familiar with the court processes in Queensland, New South Wales and Federal jurisdictions.




We can assist you in the purchase or sale of a residential, investment, commercial or industrial property. Contact us today to get a quote.

Our team have extensive experience dealing with the conveyance of existing and off-the-plan properties. We have acted for developers in both Queensland and New South Wales for both community title schemes and for house and land packages.



We can act for either a lender or a borrower in loan and mortgage matters. We can also assist in either side of enforcement action under a mortgage.

For a lender we can draft comprehensive loan documentation in accordance with the requirements of the transaction and provide document certification prior to the advance. For a borrower we can review documents and provide advice on the transaction.


We have considerable experience in drafting both basic and complex wills. We consult with you and consider your circumstances so that we can provide advice for your estate planning.

We can provide advice to executors to assist with meeting their obligations under a will. We can also arrange for the requisite notice to creditors and prepare the application for a grant of probate if required for the distribution of the estate.